Badgers and friends

Each collectible is individually created and therefore slightly different to all the others. I use a variety of wool, cotton and acryllics and love to browse in craft shops finding new textures and above all colours.

Badger (Broc)

I stuff my creations with pure organic sheep fleece that comes from Aughamore Organic Farm in Leitrim. This beautiful stuffing gives a weight and firmness to the animals that no synthetic filling comes close to.

Hedgehog (Grainneog)

The songbirds are knit on the round using 4 needles so require no sewing. They are very satisfying as they find their own shape so naturally.

I like to include the Irish or Gaelic words for the animals on the labels. Hopefully this brings back happy memories of school days to people who grew up here and also shares the beauty of our native language

Songbird (Ean Amhran)

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