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Postage within the rep of Ireland is between €2 and €6 depending on the size of the parcel name

Fox Gloves

A range of fingerless gloves that keep you warm while leaving your fingers free to use your phone or write a letter. Available with a variety of motifs such as dogs, paw prints ,acorns, bees, love hearts, birds, cats and whales and in a wide range of colours.

Available in 2 adult sizes and they cost €20

Child size is €15

A nature trail

Get a selection of animals to hide around your garden to be sure that a young ecologist will find plenty when doing field work. Whether the leprechaun belongs or not is up to you. €45, €38 without the leprechaun

An Téidí Mór

A large bear that could become a lifelong friend. They come in many colours which I hand knit in the softest wool. I will do my best to accommodate your colour wishes. They are 30 cm high and stuffed with organic sheep fleece. €23 each.


A traditional hand knit teddy, the perfect size for a child to hold. They come in many colours, each one with an individual twist. They are 25cm tall and stuffed with pure organically reared lamb fleece. Contact me to see photos of which Béiríns are currently available. €20 each.

An Leiprechán

These Leprechauns are knit with Donegal pure tweed wool to capture the perfect shade of green. They available with a full beard or the more traditional mustache free style. They come with an info card explaining their history. They are 11 cm high, stuffed with organic sheep fleece and cost €8

An Gráinneog

These handmade hedgehogs are full of character. Each is individual as I use different wool all the time. They are hand knit and stuffed with organic sheep wool. They are 11 cm long and cost €9

An Broc

Handmade and designed in Leitrim, Ireland. Full of character and comes with an adoption letter. Knitted with care and filled with organic sheep fleece. They are 11 cm long and available in many colours. Cost €9

An Bumbóg

Cute bumble bees with 2 yellow stripes and a white bottom just like the ones in my garden. They have a cord so you can hang them from a car mirror, school bag etc. They are 7 cm long, stuffed with organic fleece and cost €4.

An Bábóg

A very soft and cute baby doll, available in pink or red with bear ears or without. They are 25 cm tall with stitched buttons so suitable for babies. Stuffed with organic sheep fleece and costing €20.

Éan Amhrán

These colourful song birds are knit in the round on 4 needles and stuffed with a bag of fresh lavender flowers and organically reared sheep fleece. Hang them anywhere and enjoy the beautiful relaxing scent. They cost €8

Broc agus Grainneog na Nollaig

These little lads celebrate Christmas in style. You can pick hedgehogs or badgers, with or without hats. They are 8cm long and stuffed with organic fleece. They cost €4.50 each.

Fir sneachta

Rainbow coloured snowmen ready to cheer up your Christmas tree. Knit with glittery white wool and wearing a hat and matching scarf in cotton. They can be personalised with an intial on their hat. 9cm tall, stuffed with organic fleece €5 each


These little cuties are brand new and aren’t just for Christmas! Each one is knit in cotton and stuffed with organic fleece, they can be round or snowman shaped and cost €4.50. They are between 5 and 6.5 cm tall


The classic Santa Claus with a lovely glittery white beard. 14 cm tall and €6 each

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