All my work is available through this website on a commission basis, just contact me through my email and let me know what you’re interested in.

My work travels easily in the post and payment can be through paypal or bank transfer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to my website

My name is Fiona O’Driscoll and I love to knit. My creations celebrate the natural world, the warmth of childhood and the wonderful variation of colours and textures available to me. I always use freshly washed natural fleeces from a local organic farm to stuff the knitted animals as the environment and sustainability are very important to us all.

Portrait by Brian Farrell

I live in Leitrim in the hidden heartlands of Ireland . I am surrounded by natural bogland and woods and my garden is regularly visited by wild animals. The badgers, hedgehogs, mice, pine martins, foxes, shrews, rabbits,hares and many birds that pass through give me inspiration for the animals I create. As I create each piece by hand they have their own unique personality and I am always changing my range to keep collectors interested and to stay fresh.

I sell my work directly, just contact me by email My work is perfect for posting, unbreakable, light and no best before date! I also supply a few wonderful shops, Strokestown Park,, Beech hill garden centre in Cork and the Leitrim Design House in Carrick on Shannon . I enjoy craft fairs too and sometimes share a stand with my very talented brother Niall Miller of Fuinseog Woodland Crafts.

Fox Gloves

What could be more lovely than a pair of handknit fingerless gloves, in the colour of your choice and with a fair isle design of your favourite thing? With a long cuff to keep your wrists warm and giving freedom to your thumb and fingers so you can use your phone or scratch your nose. Here are some examples of ones I have made, with bats, bees, acorns, dogs, hearts, foxes or no pattern, just your favourite colours. I make them to order in 2 adult sizes (€20)and also in a child size(€15). Post is usually €2

Bee fingerless gloves, adult size large
Fox fingerless gloves for adults
Acorn fingerless gloves, adult small
Love heart fingerless gloves
Plain fingerless gloves
Rabbit fingerless gloves, child size
Dog fingerless gloves, child size
Fox gloves fingerless, child size
Bat fingerless gloves, small adult size

Christmas 2019

Broc Nollaig, new for Christmas 2019, creating a new tradition of a Christmas Badger. These little fellows join the Christmas hedgehog and look great hanging from a tree or from a car mirror. They are light and easy to post and very soft as they are stuffed with lamb fleece. Some have Santa hats and some are glittery but all are very cute

Púca agus Puimcín

There was a bit of a photo shoot in my garden this morning in the beautiful October sunshine. Here among some apples and hazelnuts fresh from the trees are my Púca and Puimcín. The Púca have a patterned cotton base made from recycled material, and a tiny bell inside and are of course stuffed with beautiful lamb fleece. The pumpkins are also stuffed with the fleece and have a nice weight to them. I hope they brighten up your Halloween homes for years to come. If you’d like a face on your puimcín just let me know when ordering.

Lambs at Aughamore

This is the organic farm where the wool I use to stuff my creations comes from. It is a beautiful family farm on the banks of the river Shannon in Leitrim. Sometimes they have to hand rear a lamb or two and I enjoyed meeting this one yesterday. Spending time with this family and seeing their love and respect for nature is always inspiring.

in the making Video

I was lucky enough to be involved in a project last Autumn called inthemaking. This was run by Leitrim Design House and through workshops, photo shoots and a videoing session in my home it gave me the push I needed to create this website and to be more confident in my work. Here is the short film by Padraig Cunningham of Pure Design Studios.

Cot Mobile

Over the last wee while I’ve been working on a joint project with my brother and I think between us we have created something special. Niall (Fuinnseog Woodland Crafts) turned a hub from spalted beech and attached 8 spokes of carved ash. I hung some bees and ladybirds to create a mobile and as you can see in the video it moves very nicely