Babóg agus Teídí

I love knitting teddies and baby dolls with the softest wool I can find. The colours need to be soft too and while pinks and blues are always popular I like to use all the colours of the rainbow.

These soft toys are filled with freshly washed lamb fleece and I stitch on the eyes and mouths so that there are no small parts that might come loose.

As I say in the video I feel connected to the memory of my Grand Aunt and Uncle, when making toys, as their hands were always busy making beautiful rag dolls, teddies, dogs, toy farms, houses and cots. Visiting Uncle Pop and Auntie Jem as a child it was always a thrill to see what new toys had appeared in the back bedroom since the week before.

Here’s some photos of the Teídís and Babógs which are available through my shop, but I’m always ready to accommodate special requests.

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